The Glub of Life!
Hard Reset in progress.

I apologize, but since this Feferi is under new management, so to speak, this will basically have to be treated as a new alternate. This means that all of her precious relationships and interactions will have been wiped clean. More information about the specifics of her timeline will be added later, since I’m still learning the specifics myself, but for now, a few other pages have been added if you’d like to check them out. Thanks, guys!

- Sheepy

Hello there!

Um, hi there, and I’m Sheepy, this account’s new owner. I look forward to roleplaying with all of you as Feferi, though I know I can’t replace its previous owner. I hope that it will be a very —-Exciting time for all of us~

If you have any questions or comments, as always, the ask box is open and waiting.

<3 Sheepy/Feferimun

And so I leave this account to its new owner, and I bid you all adieu!

And the winner for who gets this account is!!!:
)(i e—-veryone! I’m so e——xcited to meet you all!